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 “Pressing through pain, presenting my passion & purpose with paint.” - Vincia M.

Vincia (pronounced vin~see-yuh) was born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York. Growing up, she had no idea that she would become a professional artist but always knew she was born to create. 

Hence, the name of her brand (“Creative Vincia”) CreatiVINCIA – which is a blooming art business whose inspiration stems from nitty gritty NY surroundings, music, colorful Caribbean roots, family, friends, relationships and everyday life. With artistic visions that she believes come directly from God she never falls short of places to pull amazing abstract ideas from.

Creativity has always been outwardly expressed in her life. From assorted vibrant hair clips as a child to an array of colorful Chinese slippers to match every outfit as a teen. She has always stood out of the crowd. As an adult she still carries that same vibrant energy with a colorful wardrobe and bright accessories to match her bubbly personality & sometimes cynical, yet fun sense of humor.

While majoring in print journalism at Pennsylvania State University she took a painting course and came to the realization that rather than telling the story of other people for a living through writing that she’d prefer to tell stories of her own through painting. She then moved on to study visual arts at SUNY Empire State College in Brooklyn.

She says that “Art is the greatest form of self-expression. Regardless of how I’m feeling when I pick up a paint brush my creativity comes to life and I let that expression come through on the canvas.” With a love for bright, metallic and vibrant colors all of her abstract pieces are one of a kind unique originals not to be replicated.

As an artist she strives to develop paintings that allow her to continue to press thru pain presenting her passion with paint hoping to spark joy in her audience one brush stroke at a time.

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